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Extra Help with Part D Prescription Drug Costs
Reviews the benefits of the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program for Medicare's Part D drug coverage, and how to qualify and apply.

Low-Income Help

If you have low income and assets, you may qualify for help with some of your Medicare costs from one or more of the programs below.

California's Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, pays for certain care Medicare doesn't, and helps pay the cost-sharing for the benefits and services Medicare does cover. Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) also pay for some of Medicare's cost-sharing, such as the Medicare Part B monthly premium. Extra help with Medicare's Part D prescription drug costs is available as well.

Note: If you are new to Medicare, visit Medicare Basics for an overview.

In this section:

  1. Medi-Cal (for People with Medicare)

    Describes Medi-Cal coverage and benefits, and how to qualify and apply.
  2. Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs)

    Explains MSPs and how they help cover Medicare costs.
  3. Resources

    Important contacts for information about low-income assistance programs, including Medi-Cal and the Medicare Part D subsidy.

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Updated Jan 22, 2012

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