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No on-site counseling or advocacy assistance is offered at these offices.
Call HICAP for an individual appointment: 1-800-434-0222

Sacramento (main office)

California Health Advocates
5380 Elvas Avenue, Suite 221
Sacramento, CA 95819 - map
916-231-5110 • Fax: 916-231-5114

Elaine Wong Eakin
Executive Director

Jasmine G. Suo
Operations Manager

Marti Holland

Santa Ana

Senior Medicare Patrol Project (SMP)
California Health Advocates
Council on Aging of Orange County/HICAP
1971 East 4th Street, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705 - map
714-560-0309 • Fax: 714-560-0319

Julie Schoen
SMP Project Director

Anne Gray
SMP Project Coordinator

Micki Nozaki
SMP Data Specialist

Sandy Diaz
Bilingual Case and Outreach Specialist

Paula Holden
SMP Regional Liaison

Diane Caradeuc
CMS Liaison

Karen Fazio
SMP Special Projects Manager


Bonnie Burns
Training & Policy Specialist
831-438-6677 • Fax: 831-438-2441

Karen Fletcher

Cris Nelson // Colab Cooperative
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Updated Aug 7, 2012

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